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About RightWay

You May Trust Us

Purchasing products from ThemeRex means entrusting your
reputation to one of the best web-studios. ThemeRex company does its work with its customer in mind. That is why you are getting the best product that will perfectly suit your needs.


Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals has a huge professional experience in law, politics, and business. We will provide you with the right information and advise on problems you may encounter.

Renaud Alquier
Nouvelle-Aquitaine – 33 Gironde

Bruno Aneparo
Ile de France – 78 Yvelines

Michel Cros
Normandie – 76 Seine-Maritime

Nicolas Deconchon
Ile de France – 92 Hauts de Seine

Grégory Houillon

Secrétaire Général
Autres membres du Bureau
Secrétaire Général : Grégory Houillon
Île de France – 92 Hauts de Seine

Laurent Bouchet

Autres membres du Bureau

Trésorier : Laurent Bouchet

Île de France – 77 Seine et Marne

François Lainée

1er Vice-Président

Price Table

Document Preparation

$30.00/ mo

10 consultations
5 examinations of documents

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Online Consulting

$60.00/ mo

20 consultations
10 examinations of documents

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Referral Service Information

$130.00/ mo

40 consultations
20 examinations of documents

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